Coronavirus FAQ: I got it on a family vacay! Can my relatives stay (relatively) safe?

COVID infection

I’m on a family vacation and I’m the only one who tested positive for COVID. How do I protect everyone else?

Yeah, it’s exactly what you don’t want to have happen. You’re on a family vacation, maybe your first in a couple of years because of the pandemic. It could be just immediate family — or maybe grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and others have come along.

Then a couple days in, you get that scratchy throat feeling. Your COVID self-test delivers the bad news. Yup, you’ve got it. It happened to a colleague who was away with their partner and young kids. She felt like crying — and then wondered: Are my tears going to spread my COVID?

We talked to experts for advice on how to prepare ahead of time for a possible COVID infection while on vacation — and what to do if it does strike.

The big question of course: Will everyone get it?

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