Coronavirus Watch: US stuck in a ‘horrible plateau’ of COVID deaths

COVID-19 outbreaks

“COVID is over” might trend within social media circles, but weekly U.S. death tolls tell a different story.

In July, more than 12,500 Americans died of COVID-19, according to a USA TODAY analysis of Johns Hopkins University data.

“We’re sitting on this horrible plateau,” said Dr. Daniel Griffin, an infectious disease specialist with Pro Health Care in New York. “It’s been this way for the past couple of months, and we’re getting used to it.”

It’s Thursday, and this is Coronavirus Watch from the USA TODAY Network. Here’s more news to know:

  • Nursing home staffs shrunk in the weeks and months after severe COVID-19 outbreaks, according to a new study, and federal data shows most facilities lost more than half their nurses and aides in the past year.
  • President Joe Biden continued to test positive for COVID this week and is experiencing a “loose cough” as he deals with a rebound infection of the virus.
  • Students who score the highest on national tests have been making academic strides over the past decade while those who score at the bottom are struggling more and more, according to a new brief.


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